Keto on Holidays


One of the hardest times during the year to keep a diet is the holidays people say. You get together with your family and just eat until you have to unbuckle your belt. But why? Why do we feel the need to HAVE to eat so much unhealthy food?

One thing that I have continued to do after starting Keto is making desserts and snacks, just what goes into them has changed. Bringing a Keto dessert to a family event will definitely help you out so you are less tempted to chow down on a carb filled pie. There are lots of options out there for tasty desserts but here are some of my favorites:

Each one of those are very low on carbs and taste the same (if not better) as their sugar filled counterparts.

Word of warning with making desserts, it can get expensive. Fake sugar and flour alternatives can get pricey so try and not make it a everyday thing. It’s a good thing that, in general, Keto has cut down my monthly food bill by a large amount already.

When it comes dinner time at a family holiday or event, just take the meat option and the lowest carb veggie option and think about that awesome dessert you brought just waiting for you once you are done your meal.

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